a metaphor to life

we all are on this voyage. YOU ,ME and everyone you see are exploring their oceans of life.

whatever our circumstances of life indeed are ,i find this metaphor to life really empowering to suit most of life’s perplexing turns and twists as well as its uniqueness.

There are no two voyages which are similar in life’s ocean, nor there will be. At this moment of writing, there are roughly 8 billion voyages heading in 8 billion directions in life’s waters. Some come to this exploration in fancy golden ships laden with treasures inherited by ancestors from years of exploration. At the same time, some barely survive on a small raft or by clinging to a plank of wood .

strange are the waters of life when we dive in to see all these differences and the limitless idiosyncrasies

taking a moment aside from this metaphor, i want you to go to a main road or a public place like a shopping mall. (wear your corona mask for extra safety!)There you will find people from all walks of life! you will meet people in thousand different complexions ,bearing thousand different facial expressions and in thousand different physical dimensions.

you will meet male and females as well as the ones in between. you will meet rich and poor people ,poor and neatly dressed ,happy and gloomy, fat and skinny … and the list goes on on its own voyage!

as you can see what i hint here is the uniqueness of every person . In this voyage our uniqueness is the greatest treasure we will ever have.no two boats are the same !

life is a voyage.

While on our course ,we get to face sharks, storms and even monsters despite whether we are guiding a ship or on a raft. Even if we are aboard the strongest ship and yet, if we are untrained to meet the sharks and storms of life’s water , we will eventually hit the rocks or sink!

This exploration has no ultimate meaning purpose or end except the ones we give it. we all have our own whims and fancies and dreams of exploration. some of us actualize them while some don’t. Some might set their oars to unknown seas while some would conventionally stay anchored to the same place through their entire time.

Some will become skilled captains through the experiences gained in fighting for their dreams ,their treasures and destinies. Similarly, some, with the same circumstances would turn their ships back to never realize their dreams.

As you can grasp, NO TWO VOYAGES ARE THE SAME. so we could never compare and contrast one ship to another or judge anyone’s journey cause we could not easily see from the perspective of another ship while on a boat.So the worst thing you can do to yourself is to judge your self image and worth from other’s perspective.

Sometimes ,we have the company of our friends and family to forge through life. Nevertheless ,some journeys are meant to be explored alone .

Whether we have support or not, whether we are a pirate or a captain or on a ship or on boat,…there are OBJECTIVE RULES IN THIS SUBJECTIVE EXPLORATION.

Most of life’s experiences are subjective but there are many objective truths and principles that govern all oceans.

One of such principles is that WE HAVE VERY LIMITED TIME IN LIFE’S WATERS TO EXPLORE .No matter where you are on your journey, your time in here is very limited. Another one is THE IMPERMANANCE OR THE TRANSITORY NATURE OF LIFE. Despite what you do, this applies to all. To the boats as well as to the ones who are barely clinging to a piece of wood. after all, we all get to swallow the red pill of leaving it all.

so nothing matters right?

as i believe, the only thing that matters IS HOW MUCH WE ENJOY IN OUR EXPLORATION.THE AMOUNT OF HAPPINESS WE HAVE AND SHARE is worthier than any other material thing. The way we expect happiness might be completely paradoxical between you and me. we could have contrasting perspectives on and about this journey. some will trust the stars to find their destiny. some will use the maps .some will trust their compass and some make it through with their intuition.

The catch here is that happiness one embodies is the true yardstick of prosperity and blessedness on this journey. I have seen homeless people happier than my multimillionaire neighbor (and yes, i don’t have any personal grudges with him). So do what really inspires you and ignites the happiness and passion within you. Do not care if other captains judge you. They will mind their own voyage. you are by all means your own captain with your own ship. do not let the people on other ships declare your path.go after your own dream.take your own decisions and be accountable of them.

For example ,when I was in high school, most of my classmates planned to sail their boats to the medical faculty. When asked the reason behind it, only reason most had was because their parents wanted them to. Many people do not take the helm of their lives up for themselves. So it is important that you do not fall to this trap .

Another objective rule I see is that WE ARE OUR ONLY LIMIT TO OUR JOURNEY. we can do ,become, have anything on this journey. If we want to, we can sail our ship through every sea and discover new lands never been by anyone. We are the ones who decide whether to set the anchors or to slice through the storms. personal responsibility of our ships and boats is extreme. It boils down to the fact that we are the captains of our own ship and we couldn’t blame the sun ,the sea or the sky for the faults in our engine. It is the decisions we make that set forth the experiences and the growth we have on our path.

life is limitless as the sea.

since this journey for the most part is very subjective, there are not many objective rules which govern all seas. So my sugession here is to try to look for objective rules, principles and truths as above cause these natural laws apply to all seas and they do not change with time .They will serve as lighthouses on your voyage . if we don’t modify ourselves accordingly ,we are sure to meet with disappointment.

Also, we can subjectively create objective laws for ourselves. The trick is we don’t even see those rules are impressed by ourselves. Try to identify the subjectively objective limitations you have imposed from your core beliefs. You will always be a self fulfilling prophecy to the beliefs you hold in your mind.

Thus, if we destroy the useless beliefs we hold in our minds that have kept us circling around the same sea ,we will have a huge weight off our ship . it will make our cruise more effortless. If we also identify the working principles of the life’s waters and mold our life according to them, the distances we could sail are boundless.

Therefore, as i perceive, the possibilities of life are mind boggling. We could sail through countless seas and oceans. There are countless escapades to go on and millions of treasures to be discovered.

Wherever, you(my wonderful reader) are setting your oars to, I wish you all the luck and happiness with all my heart. my only loving suggession is to do what is best for you and for others .don’t wait for happiness. There is no better time to be happy than NOW!

may you have a wonderful adventure !

see you on the next post,

subhanu. (another sailor in the ocean of life).


What SUCCESS is?

success and life;episode 1

Holy shit…I am finally adressing this glorious topic…!

Before reading throgh this article ,I would love to know what YOU think that SUCCESS IS…..so first get that idea of what success means to you!

We often get blurred by this amazing vision of life,

We all have dreams and we all wanna SUCCEED!WHO DOESN’T anyway?

But strange enough ,most of us take society’s terms for success.We believe what We see on TV and all the crappy notions given to us by our formal education.

Often We try to play life by other’s rules only to find disappointment in the End…!

The popular idea of success too changes according to your background like where you live,your education and your parents but here I talk about the core of what SUCCESS MEANS TO EVERYONE..YES,EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET.

We are told…go to school for 12 or 13 years,go to college,go get a job,have a family make a lot…A LOT of MONEY!,be a good citizen….etc.and then you are SUCCESSFUL!.

This idea is so popular and prevalent in both western and eastern cultures.

This idea is not entirely wrong but makes us forget what life really means.most of us question this in the dusk of our lives regretting about what we could have done or have achieved if we really saw the point of life and success.

The point of life

so ..what’s the point of living..?what’s the point of successs anyway?

here’s the truth,..LIFE HAS NO MEANING….


SO IS SUCCESS…That is why we can find a hundred different varying perspectives of success in 100 different countries of the world.

If you belong to some wild tribe in Amazon,Brazil,hunting a huge fleshy pig would feel like success while a new employee at Amazon inc. in US would look at JEFF BEZOS as an astounding success who hunts billions of dollars.

so you see,success is subjective!

but the point of life doesn’t change no matter where you are the from.whatever that you might be doing in the first place.

The point of life,is to be HAPPY.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

It is that simple ,and that complex to most of us who forget this.we go on to work life on society’s terms where most of us end up never really living and never really thinking for ourselves.

We forget happiness in this grandiose vision..,in this rat race vying for an edge over others.

What is worth if you got all the money in this world and were without any friends?

once, I had to face the same junction.I was thinking that I could be on my own and I didn’t want anybody.I thought making good grades at school and making a ton of money was everything.!

Later on I was left alone with nobody …that made me really see that I was not Happy at all….so I shifted my gears ,shifted my goals with that of what really made me happy.

I have seen and heard of people who has all that a man can wish for but unhappy and disgusted of themselves.

look at what happened to AVICHI, the great musician that made us dance to his epic pieces of music that still ROCK!we all used to look at him with awe and amazement.mesmerized by his talent,inspired by his music…I don’t know how many of us googled his net worth…

But despite all his fame, riches and success as we call it, he was caught saying he was not happy doing what he was doing.It is said he even feared to do live shows…this all ended in his suicide!

so,,,was he successful?though being an epic EDM artist,can we call him a success?



you can be broke and be HAPPY!You can fail in a million ways and yet be happy…you can be waiting to die on your deathbed and still ,YOU COULD STILL BE HAPPY.

so whatever the kind of success we strive for,remember that all that we do is a means to be happy.

we don’t look for that brand new mercedes for the heaven’s sake but to enjoy and to be happy.But it doesn’t mean that we have to be unhappy now, to be happy someday or later..!we can be happy now and happier later..!

so this is what SUCCESS SIMPLY MEANS…

make happiness a priority.

until next time,

have a great time,


self image;REDEFINED

What do you believe about?

what are your core values?

what kind of image do you have about yourself?

For all these questions, each of us will have different answers that would vary dramatically. But,here’s the most interesting part…which is, these questions are fundamental to define our standing in life.

For the past couple of years, I have read scores of books and articles on dozens of topics on success,wealth, philosophy,psychology,metaphysics, spirituality..etc.

These topics included really really deep topics like enlightenment(of which I have stopped reading and researching about),new age principles like law of attraction and even practical psychology embedded in the books like that of Dale Carnagie.

But out of all those books that I went through, one of my personal favourites is this book called :”Psycho Cybernetics by Dr.Maxwell Maltz

Many consider this book as a foundational book to modern self development and its techniques are used by many of the modern self development teachers and also, this book is one of the foremost books read by top athletes around the globe.

what I personally love about this book is its down to earth practicality and scientific basis on which it is written which really appeals to my mind.

The author who was a plastic surgeon describes the concept of self image from his personal experience and includes tons of research to back up his findings.

since this helped me clarify a lot of doubts about success and life, I would personally recommend this book to anyone who is willing to improve their life to epic status.

so, below is the entire free audio book of Psycho Cybernetics available on You Tube.

part 1
part 2

You can download this from some sites like y2mate from copying the link and pasting it so that you can listen to this offline doing anything.

That is what i personally did (I didn’t buy the book and listened to the above one) and hope this might help you on your journey to an epic life.

see you on the next post,

until then,-enjoy your epic life!


below are the links to my previous book reviews.




we all have goals. some long term and some short term.

I believe most of the readers of this blog are looking for inspiration to live their craziest epic life they could imagine.

For and epic LIFE , we need EPIC GOALS.

setting goals is a somewhat big and misleading topic as goals are an integral part of a real man or a woman.

The good news is,

that I’m planning to cover this subject of setting goals in the next few posts!

I intend to cover the below topics of goal setting from this post on wards.

  • goals
  • setting your goals
  • types of goals
  • goals vs. dreams
  • selecting the right goals for you
  • areas for goal setting
  • goals that evolve

thus, what my plans for this posts are to define what on earth is a goal,why do we need goals and give a simple mechanism for setting goals.


what is a goal?

A goal is something that we aspire to accomplish.Even a 5th grader knows that right?

But the goal setting mechanism is a bit more wild than it seems.

What i want to elaborate here is that, having a goal is an absolute necessity if we are to live an EPIC LIFE.

An epic life doesn’t have to be a life of fame and riches.An epic life is a life that gets you thrilled even at the thought of it.It’s a life worth reliving. It’s a life full of amazing experiences and joy.

so,the definition of an epic life vary from person to person ,but the general idea of an epic life still remains bold.still,there are commonplace features between all of them.

One of the most distinct features is ‘having short and long term goals.’

but the astounding truth is this,

Most people ,just don’t have goals.They sleepwalk through life.If you doubt this,try asking the next 100 people you meet what their goals are. you will find most people give very vague answers. They don’t even know what they live for!

‘To be happy ‘is not a goal.it is what the goal brings us.

let’s say, it ‘s the goal of a goal. Happiness is where our goals lead us.It’s what the pursuit of our goals bring us. You will find that answer as ‘to be happy’ by many people but when you ask how do you become happy? or are you happy now ?,they are wordless. so, being happy is not a goal in itself unless it’s defined.

But,if you find someone giving a clear answer to above questions, you find a personality with a vision for what he or she wants out of life.

Therefore, if you want to separate yourself from the crowd who are leading listless,passionless lives, start with CLEAR DISTINCT GOALS.

All top performers have clear goals .They have a vision for what they want.For what they seek to accomplish.That vision is what fuels them to chase them day in-day out.It is what makes them do what the ordinary believe as impossible!.

meaning from a goal?

of course, our purpose here is to live our wildest epic life.

For that,goals bring a purpose to our life .A life without a purpose is stuck in the mud,a ship without a direction .

life without a purpose had no meaning to live after all .

As the great psychologist victor frankl ,the founder of logo therapy says,”if you have a reason to live, you will survive anyhow”. He himself made it out of the concentration camps of nazi in ww2 despite all the odds of living which is beautifully described in his book of ‘man’s search for a meaning’

your goals will give you a meaning to live. goals make us improve, they challenge us,they take us to places that we’ve never been before and they bring us enormous pleasure when achieved

what ever your goals are,it will give you something to work towards and something to live for.

starting to set goals

if you have read to this point, it means you have a keen interest in setting goals.so go ahead…grab a pencil or a pen.

Photo by Zen Chung

first off, as a start to setting goals,I want you to write down all the goals that pops into your mind in a paper.Remember ,this writing process is crucial for several reasons.First, it makes your goals clearer.Then, you have something to refer as for your goals. Also it sends a deep subconscious massage to your mind about your goals.

Many research suggest that you are 40 percent more likely achieve your targets by putting it on paper than not doing it.

once you have done that, you have a clear vision of what you want .what kind of desires you have and what are your intentions for the next few years of your life.

the next thing is, you can set a time limit if you like.

but, if that makes you stressed and nervous ,don’t do so though I always prefer to set a time frame.

why?.. cuz it get’s me to start working towards it.setting a time limit also makes your goals clearer to yourself.

many self help gurus advocate the above simple formula for goals setting and i believe it is the gateway for anybody who is starting to have a vision for his or her life.But it is not all.

chances are none of the goals that you wrote down aren’t your true goals.(same thing happened to me.)

The next principles of goal setting will be carried over to the next posts on life quadrant.

see you on the next post,

until then,

enjoy your epic life.




think and grow rich?

thoughts are things.

The book,” think and grow rich” is one of the foremost self development books i read and still is one of my favourites.

the author ,Napoleon Hill goes on to reveal his study of the rich of 25 years to study what really makes the difference between rich and poor,successful from the unsuccessful,blessed from wretched and happy from depressed.this classical book could be quoted as a root of the modern self development field and i highly recommend this for anyone who wishes success in life.

the most astounding revelations of his study is that he challenges the popular opinion that” you gotta work hard for riches”and brings forth the same techniques used by law of attraction practitioners today,

when i first read the book when i was 17,i was extremely doubtful if this stuff was legit and the concepts therein described were B.S. for me at that time as i was new to this realm of self improvement.as i got exposed to more of life i myself saw that this indeed was true.

i myself used the technique of visualization to procure many things in my life.

what promted me to write this post is this.

about 2 weeks ago i visualized a new laptop for myself and its design and today ,my uncle comes with a new hp laptop with the exact design i imagined.

you know what ,now i am typing this post in this laptop.

so i think the principles laid out in “think and grow rich” really work and would love hear what you guys think about this masterpiece.

here is the link for the audiobook in youtube.

think and grow rich.

see you on the next post.


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